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Video marketing. Professional advertisements for online channels

One picture is worth more than a thousand of words – and it is hard not to agree with these opinions in times we live in. No other marketing tool can now be compared to movies, as nothing else is as captivating as they are. We know everything about using video marketing in practice – and we would love to share our knowledge with our customers.

What is video marketing? Definition of video advertisement

The definition of video marketing is very simple: it is all kinds of video productions used to promote a brand, a product or a service, or to create company’s image. This concept is especially popular on the internet where various videos can be accessed on users’ demand. Most often, video marketing is combined not only with a production of short clips, but also with managing the profiles they are published in. That is why this type of advertisement is considered to be a part of content marketing.

Video marketing – infinite power of creativity

Contrary to popular belief, video marketing does not consists od Youtube only. This type of advertisement is also common in other online channels, such as blogs or social media (especially Instagram and TikTok). Thanks to those websites, video materials are available for the users on their own profiles.

Video marketing can also be used in many other ways. It is a perfect enhancement for any kind of website where it can act as a guide to new products, a tutorial, or and instruction for assembling or installing given product. Video advertisement can also be a part of e-mail marketing or newsletters – surely it will attract more attention than a simple passage of text the customers usually associate with messages from websites and online stores.

Still, the possibilities do not end there. The type of use we can make of video marketing in practice depends only on preferences and goals of your company and the creativity of our team – and we can assure you that it is virtually unlimited.

Why choose video advertisements?

There are many reasons why the number of video advertisements on the Internet is on the rise. Video marketing mostly owes its popularity to users’ involvement that was proven to be at its highest for short clips and films. An average American consumer spends over 90 minutes a day watching videos on the Internet. Over 15% of viewers browse multimedia for more than 3 hours a day – and, thanks to video marketing, any company can get its share from this long time. The popularity of video advertisement is also confirmed by click rate. For videos, it is twice as big as for photos posted in the social media!

Video materials are also an excellent source of information about a product. 95% of respondents have watched explainers or tutorials before they decided to actually purchase a discussed product. In the same time, over 81% of customers admitted that those very videos convinced them to finalize the transaction. Thus, it can easily be seen that using video marketing in a marketing strategy increases the conversion rate and helps the company create its image as one of the experts in the industry. Video advertisements are also easier to understand than professional articles or long descriptions and they are more often used by the customers throughout their journey in an online store.

What is more, video marketing allows companies to successfully compete on a crowded online market. 81% of companies use video advertisements as their basic advertising tools while the same part of respondents plans to spend more on such resources. It is not hard to see why: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the portals, where millions and millions of users are just waiting for a right video to convince them to spend their money.

Regardless of your motivation to introduce video marketing to your company, Kaizen Marketing can provide you with high-quality multimedia content. We create digital materials for both small family companies and global corporations. Our services will surely be appreciated by non-profit organizations, foundations or cultural institutions looking to attract new volunteers and supporters.

Kaizen Marketing – video marketing at its best

Our offer is just like the potential of video marketing – it is infinite. We can bring any of your ideas to life and create video advertisements adjusted to your needs, requirements and goals. Our specialties include:

  1. Video posts – short and affordable video materials perfect for a short presentation of products, services and news in social media. The cheapest use for video marketing.
  2. Commercials and spots – one of the most popular short marketing materials, 5 do 30 seconds long. They are mostly used on YouTube – 6-second-long ads displayed before the videos cannot be skipped, so it is a perfect time to show your potential to the customers.
  3. Video advertisements and corporate movies – 2 to 5 minutes perfect for short presentations available both online and in the public space. They can promote products, introduce teams of specialists or inform your target audience about recent events – everything depends on your budget and imagination.
  4. 2D and 3D animations – the combination of attractive pictures with informational content, what makes them a perfect response to the current marketing trends. They are limited only by the client’s budget – our imagination has no limits!
  5. Virtual walks – an eye-catching way of presenting real estates. This service provided by Kaizen Marketing is a perfect choice for developers, hotel owners, restaurants or cultural institutions. Active links allow users to take a closer look at an exhibition or a piece of art. While the building still does not exist, we will help your customer imagine its look with 3D visualization based on architectural projections.
  6. Aerial photos – we can send a drone to all the places we can’t reach on our own. A perfect solution for construction industry, local authorities and hospitality industry. From above the world is much more exciting!
  7. Television and internet reports – a product fit for the most demanding customers willing to have a state-of-the-art professional video material at their disposal.
  8. Sponsor billboards – 8 seconds on TV is enough to reach thousands of potential customers. TV billboards are displayed before and after the program and they inform about company’s sponsorship.
  9. Interviews and news – we originate from the media and we still can provide them with exceptional materials. We help agencies, portals and television channels (incl. Euronews) stay up to the date at all times.
  10. Trailers and teasers. Are you planning to throw a party or start an event? Without a good trailer that catches your customers’ attention, a success can be difficult to achieve. We will make sure that your event will be presented properly and we will promote it among entirely new target audiences with an immersive trailer.
  11. TV productions – with as many cameras as your budget can buy. We can operate from many places in Poland (even at the same time). We can easily adjust to your needs and show you some state-of-the-art solutions for your project.
  12. Interactive advertisement – a viewer can buy a product or reserve a service using the player and his own device. He only needs to click an active tag attached to your video advertisement.

Professional video advertisements from the very first moment

Video marketing by Kaizen Marketing is more than just a short clip made for a channel of choice. For us, advertisement is all about holistic, comprehensive approach that helps our customers achieve spectacular results. When creating our materials, we take into consideration not only customer’s requirements, but also his recent communication with target audiences on the internet. Such a system allows us to adjust our video advertisements to the entire strategy.

What is more, by choosing our services you can be sure that every penny spent is used is used to your advantage. In our work we use state-of-the-art devices and innovative solutions that helps us create exceptional video marketing materials. Thanks to the diversity of our tools, we can be a part of comprehensive project consisting of many different videos.

Additionally, we can offer you a wide range of additional services supporting your marketing strategy on the way to your goals. Content marketing, SEO or social media marketing will allow you to achieve even better results in a very short time.

Test our video marketing – and more!


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