Website optimization Search engine optimization (seo)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of modifying the content and structure of the website to improve its quality. Its main goal is to attract traffic to the website by reaching higher rank in search engine results. This process consists of many elements and it constantly evolves, providing the marketers with brand-new challenges. Kaizen Marketing can face them regardless of the circumstances. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, advanced process and extensive experience with SEO for different brands we can show you the hidden potential of your website.

why seo in km? the secret of the quality of our seo

Our Search Engine Optimization can help you get ahead of the competition thanks to:

  • Holistic approach to SEO. Results are not enough for us – recent algorithms show us that they are not everything that matters. We optimize the page; we improve it with UX/UI, and we support your efforts for increasing the number of conversions.
  • Link building. Random websites are not an option. We carefully select backlinks locations and we build a comprehensive linking strategy with bespoke links and custom publishing.
  • We work with the best. We are a team of experienced experts, professional copywriters, redactors, and programmers. We use advanced tools to ensure the quality of our work. Each one of us is focused on personal growth, so we always keep up with new algorithms and trends. Every day we test new solutions and explore new opportunities to deliver even better results to our customers.
  • Success fee. We build our offer based on our experience in hundreds of projects for online stores and companies. We can describe it in just two words: it works. That is why we use success fee – a commission – as a confirmation of our skills. It is a percent of sales calculated using business’ revenue from the last 6 or 12 months. It is a proof that we and our customers have common goals.

offsite/offpage seohighest quality of link building

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO. They are the connection that redirect the strengths of other reputable websites to a website we wish to promote. Backlinks also help improve page authority and they can help generate traffic. We are aware of the power of link building and we can use it to build the success of our customers.

In our offsite SEO process, we will focus not only on the quantity of the backlinks, but also on their quality. We carefully select authority sites to help our customers’ websites benefit from their power. To achieve that, we carefully analyze the entire industry and types of products we wish to promote during SEO processes. In the same time, we pay great attention to natural link profile with both no follow and do follow sites. Those actions allow us to achieve better results for our customers.

onsite search engine optimizationseo for website and its content

Onsite optimizations are the core of our search engine optimization. They are the key factors in building its credibility not only for search engines, but also for potential customers. Our onsite SEO process is set for improving the ranks of chosen keywords and optimizing the website itself. In this part of a process, we optimize categories, improve the overall look of product pages, publish new content and optimize them following both SEO guidelines and customers’ instructions.

What is more, our onsite SEO process also includes UX features. Customer experience is the very base of every change we will introduce to your website as a part of our processes, as it helps the domains to appeal to more than just Google crawlers. That is why we pay so much attention to suitable categorization, overall look and feel of the main menu and highlighting the most important matters in articles and long descriptions. Our SEO process also provides your customers with quick access to other products they may be looking for, thanks to skillfully introduced internal links. 

content marketing for seostate-of-the-art content for seo

Our SEO process does not end with highlighting the main keywords. We are aware that „content is the king” – that is why it is one of the essential parts of our Search Engine Optimization

We begin the process of content marketing for SEO with keyword analysis that allows us to determine which phrases are the best for your website. Throughout the content marketing process, we ensure they appear in the texts as often as possible without going to an extreme – repetitions or synonyms are not an option in Search Engine Optimization. Our texts, descriptions and articles are valuable information not only for Google robots, but also for customers that may make their buying decisions based on the information we provide. What is more, our works are always created from the scratch, solving the problem of extensive duplication and bans that may come with it.

Simultaneously, our SEO content can also be a part of branding. We create unique descriptions for homepages, categories and product pages for each of our customers, bearing in mind the overall strategy of the business. We do not use templates or follow well-known patterns. Every piece of our content is created in a close cooperation between our copywriters and website owner, so our work could reflect his wishes, visions and priorities. Such a creation is not only valuable for customers, but they also act as an important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

the key to digital success technical seo

Technical SEO is one of the key elements in our SEO process. It consists of all the changes implemented in website infrastructure and its code that impact its usability. Technical SEO allows us to face numerous challenges, such as:

  • Wrong redirections
  • Incorrect URL structure
  • Errors 404 and others
  • Incorrect or outdated sitemaps
  • Errors in robots.txt file or its absence
  • Loading problems on desktop and mobile devices
  • Duplicate content
  • Language version issues
  • Indexing issues

Appropriate use of technical SEO is a base for successful website optimization and increasing user satisfaction levels. The changes introduced during this process help reduce website loading time, ensure its security and improve the usability of its elements. Thus, technical SEO is beneficial both for Google crawlers and potential customers.

why is it worth it?benefits of seo

The main goal of SEO is to increase the number of conversions – transactions, downloaded apps, or simply clicks. However, Search Engine Optimization also has a number of other benefits that give this marketing strategy a huge advantage compared to other advertising methods. Those include:

  1. Savings. SEO, in contrary to other campaigns, does not require an enormous budget. Still, it is extremely efficient, especially when taking long-term profits into consideration.
  2. Image building. Texts and optimizations are the root of all SEO, as they highlight the most important pieces of information for the users. Thanks to that, potential buyers know they are dealing with professionals willing to share their extensive knowledge of their products.
  3. Ability to reach particular target audiences. A customer who uses Google for shopping knows exactly what he looks for. Search Engine Optimization will help him see your products in the first place.
  4. Long-term profits. SEO is more than just a one-time optimization. It is a constant process accumulation the number of conversions over time. Regular optimization of a website helps it to grow day by day, gradually improving the results.
  5. Local and global opportunities. SEO can help you in the very area your company operates in. It is a perfect tool to reach global and local customers. Geolocation features can be crucial for businesses available in particular regions or cities! 

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