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The share of online campaigns in advertisements is growing every year, attracting investments worth millions of dollars. However, it is hardly any surprise – Google AdWords campaigns based on Google Marketing Platform are characterized by both efficiency and optimized costs of operation. Meet Google Ads – a type of marketing that has the power to turn your business into a digital one.

Key Google Ads Services

Our Google Ads campaigns offer is divided into three key areas that include:

Implementation of Google Marketing Platform tools

  • Creation and configuration of Google Ads account
  • Creation and configuration of Google Analytics account
  • Creation and configuration of Google Tag Manager account
  • Configuration of other Google services, including, but not limited to: Google My Business, Search Console and Youtube
  • Synchronization of the services
  • Google Data Studio reports
  • Target selection and monitoring of e-commerce conversions.
  • Page audit
  • Market analysis and competitive analysis

Google AdWords campaigns

  1. After a successful implementation of all the necessary tools we begin to prepare the campaign structures to the upcoming challenges.
  2. We create suitable advertisements based on the industry-specific factors and instructions provided by a customer.
  3. We select keywords matching the characteristics of the campaign.
  4. We analyze the progress of operations, and we optimize their results.
  5. We introduce changes, should the customer wish to make any.
  6. We prepare a report on the results of our activities.

Audit and constant optimization


What Is Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform is a comprehensive control center for online advertisements providing the businesses with unlimited opportunities. This platform includes both intuitive tools for small companies and advanced options allowing big corporations to compete with others on international markets.

Google Marketing Platform is a set of applications, such as Analytics, Data Studio, Tag Manager, campaign manager, questionnaires, and Search Ads 360. Together those modules allow not only for managing advertising operations, but also for monitoring them in real time. They also provide businesses with data on traffic on the site and customers’ activities. Those features combined enable for companies to measure the efficiency of Google Ads campaigns and to optimize them constantly.  

Kaizen Marketing – Google Ads at Its Finest

Google Ads services are made of many elements. Together they can help companies achieve spectacular results. Thanks to our extensive experience gathered in many fields of online advertising, we know exactly what your website needs. That is why our offer includes comprehensive, yet diverse services allowing for the marketing strategy to be adjusted to the profile of your company.

Furthermore, we prepared bespoke service packages that can help you face all the challenges related to online marketing. Those include:

Google Ads Implementation

Google Ads implementation is a one-time service. It provides businesses with a solid base for further development of online advertisements. It allows for choosing the best settings for the account based on the preferences and targets for the given websites. Google Ads implementation for a domain includes:

  • Creation of Google Ads account
  • Assigning the roles for the users
  • Implementing security measures for the account
  • Payment configuration
  • Configuration of settings for YouTube, search network and advertising network
  • Synchronization with: Google Ads, Youtube, Search Console, My Business, Merchant Center, GMT.
  • CSS implementation
  • Basic remarketing features.

This service is a perfect choice for websites and e-commerce businesses. It provides the users with all the tools necessary for ongoing campaign monitoring and its creation. Thus, it can give your business the independence you need for any future marketing operations.

Google Ads – we will run your campaign!

Google Ads Campaigns surround us – it is time for your company to appear online, too. They are a simple and instant method of increasing the traffic and sales in e-commerce. Google Ads campaigns also deserves recognition for built-in AI modules and custom campaign configuration options. All those things combined make Google Marketing Platform more efficient than any other advertisements. 

Google Ads campaigns powered by Kaizen Marketing starts with an implementation of a number of tools offered by Google. They are necessary for running a comprehensive online advertising operations. In an initial phase of cooperation with new customers, we create all necessary structures within the account and we adjust them to fit all the scheduled campaigns.

Then, in cooperation with our customer, we advertise the products and services as a part of a Google Ads campaign and, in the same time, we gather data on its results. The acquired information is a base for further optimization of following stages of advertisements. Thanks to them, we can improve the efficiency and conduct tests leading to further beneficial changes in our operations. After this stage is over, we assess the results, and we introduce all the latest innovative additions that can help you achieve your goal.

Such a comprehensive approach allows us to rapidly increase traffic on the website while maintaining the highest possible standard of our services. More importantly, our experience and in-depth knowledge of Google Ads tools helps us always put our customers first – in front of their competition – in every field of online advertisement.

Google Ads – Account Audit

Google Ads audit is a perfect tool for companies that do not start their campaigns from scratch. This service consists of two stages. First stage unravels all the errors in the account; we examine its configuration, notifications and other visible problems. The second stage includes thorough quality verification. In the process we determine whether the website follows Google guidelines for Google Ads, and we recommend necessary changes. Our Google Ads audit also includes in-depth analysis of advertisement strategy and results of previous campaigns. This allows us to indicate the main issues to be solved in upcoming marketing operations.

Google AdWords – What Makes Our Campaigns Stand Out?

We have no interest in half-measures – that is why our Google Ads Campaigns consist of comprehensive services based on a holistic approach to marketing. It allows us to create a coherent marketing strategy and establish a list of goals we can achieve with many tools and channels.

However, a broader view does not mean that we overlook valuable details in our Google Ads Campaigns. Constant monitoring of our progress is especially important for us, as our work is based on performance . Thus, we believe that each activity should have a measurable effect visible in data gathered by advanced analytical tools. Those results are the base of our every step in Google AdWords, allowing our operations to be precise and effective in the same time.

By choosing our Google Ads campaigns, you get more than just reports and better sales results. Our know-how is a true highlight of our offer. We replicate it in our every campaign, one after another, as it is essential for our customers’ success. We have been gaining our experience for over a decade working for companies from a variety of industries, so we can easily adjust to a new environment – as long as a successful Google AdWords campaign is our common goal. What is more, every time you get in touch with us, our specialist will respond to your call or message. No customer service – we believe that direct contact is the key to successful cooperation. 


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